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About Starting Over

Welcome to Starting Over! This site is for everyone looking to improve their situation in life, but I set out to create it in order to help some people that, I feel, truly need a second chance in life. Felons. Or, ex-felons who try to live on the right track, contribute to society, and who desire to have success in life, to be more precise.

Don’t mistake my intent, I truly want to help those who need a fresh start. Felons, Single and stay at home moms and dads are people who often times need a helping hand in starting over or finding a new direction in life. That’s what we are here for and it is all rooted in financial second chances or starting over financially. So we’ll primarily focus on those topics, though, we may often venture into other varied topics as well. All of it is geared toward learning the truth and helping people.


I’ve always been an optimistic, success driven, people pleaser. At one point I was even outgoing, self-confident, and had a good job.

In 2011, I was “convicted” of a felony stemming from dependence on painkillers. It wasn’t until after completing probation several years later that I discovered I was only guilty of a misdemeanor but plead guilty to a felony that would have been DROPPED if I’d gone to trial.

The damage was already done and I was determined enough to rise above (at times) and build a semi-successful business. It wasn’t easy, but I felt it was my only choice and I had a lot of responsibilities at home.

The last four years of my life I’ve been blessed to be a parent to four young children, three teenagers, and of one adult who is in the United States Air Force.


Because someone has a felony record does not mean they are a bad person or dangerous. Increasingly, it also means they quite possibly may have been innocent of wrongdoing.

According to The Washington Post, half a million Americans are held in pretrial detention at any given time, most of them for nonviolent crimes. Many of them are innocent. Lack of money for bail leads to these people languishing behind bars, for weeks, months, and sometimes a year or longer!

Most would say that if they are innocent of something they would never admit guilt. I said the same thing, but at some point, principals go by the wayside.

The reality is, bills don’t get paid, jobs are lost, and families are broken up. All of that before having the chance to be proven innocent or otherwise.

The solution, it may seem, to someone in this situation is to plead guilty before they lose everything.

A good defense attorney costs a LOT of money. And you MIGHT win. Without a PAID attorney, the odds are in your favor to LOSE! First-time “offenders” can typically receive probation and that is a whole different can of worms altogether.

Once they have the “conviction” on their record, trying to find a job is near impossible. Unless they desire to work in a warehouse for long hours and little money until death.

Even trying to find a proper place to live is extremely difficult with a criminal record. There are a lot of people in that particular situation and there are others who have committed offenses in their past but have changed and want to be productive members of society.

What are the odds of breaking through the barriers and succeeding in a career path of their choosing? Or any “career” path for that matter? Not good at all.


If we’re to succeed in the game of life, especially as a felon, sometimes help is needed. That goes for most everyone, not just felons. I want this site to be a good source of information and discussion to find help for success in everyone’s lives. Hopefully, I can provide that for you here at Starting Over. To start, here is a review of what I think is the best opportunity for felons, single parents, or anyone starting over in their lives to earn the income and live the life we all deserve.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,