Completely Free Internet Marketing Training? – Free Internet Marketing Project Review

Someone finally had the vision and the passion to put out a totally free in-depth training on successful internet marketing. I spent the last couple of weeks applying the step-by-step training to my current online business and this is my review of FIMP, Free Internet Marketing Project.

The ONE thing you need to remember in business is there is no such thing as get rich quick or an easy dollar or “done for you” systems that work. PERIOD.

You must be willing to put in time and effort to get what you dream of in life. How do I know this? If there was at least one product that really taught you how to get rich quick or how to make money for nothing, there would have been so much news and so many alerts that everyone would be doing it right now!

FIMP (Free Internet Marketing Project) Review

  • Name: FIMP (Free Internet Marketing Project
  • Website:
  • Price: FREE!!
  • Owner: Ian Pribyl
  • Overall Rank: 9.9 out of 10

FIMP (Free Internet Marketing Project) Overview

FIMP is the equivalent of a college course on internet marketing for free. It’s as simple as that. Everything that you need to know to start and earn money from an online business is taught.

It is ad free and no one at any time asks you to buy anything.

He does ask that you tell other like-minded entrepreneurs about the free internet marketing training and he does ask that if he recommends a tool that you decide to purchase, that you purchase the item through his affiliate link. I think that is as fair and honest as it comes.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • PRO #1 – It is completely FREE!
  • PRO #2 – The training is in depth and very extensive.
  • PRO #3 – There are zero ads in the training and no attempts to sell you anything.

The Bad:

  • CON #1 – Initial startup cost can be more expensive than using Wealthy Affiliate.
  • CON #2 – Most people give up before finishing.

I guess I could say he doesn’t do it all for you, but what fun would it be to have everything given to you without any effort. No sense of accomplishment or bragging rights in that scenario.

Whom Is FIMP (Free Internet Marketing Project) For?

The Free Internet Marketing Project is for anyone who is interested in starting an online or internet based business, whether or not you have money to market it. This training will show you how to find success with limited resources or a ton of resources.

If you want to be involved in affiliate marketing, SEO, or selling your own products or selling through drop shipping, etc., FIMP is for you.

I personally combine Wealthy Affiliate with this training because both of them are so similar in their detailed training and because Wealthy Affiliate has quite a few good features like constant support and amazing hosting deals, included keyword research, and so much more.

This way I am getting every bit of knowledge and support combined with saving money through Wealthy Affiliate. You can check them out here.

FIMP (Free Internet Marketing Project) Tools & Training

Free Internet Marketing Project explains several different tools that are useful and essential to your success as an online business owner.

FIMP (Free Internet Marketing Project) Support

Support is offered through Facebook (which is free also) by signing up as a member. Other members and Ian himself offer support in the form of answering your posted questions.

FIMP (Free Internet Marketing Project) Price

FIMP is Free. I don’t know if I mentioned that yet.

My Final Opinion of FIMP (Free Internet Marketing Project)

Ian is very passionate about internet marketing which makes me and should make you, even more, passionate about what is going on in his training. He has spent 10+ years learning what he is giving back to his followers in the form of FIMP Free Internet Marketing Project.

He’s brutally honest, gets a little long-winded at times, and has no reason to lie to you at any point in the training because he is not selling you anything. I think Ian’s project is absolutely amazing.

FIMP (Free Internet Marketing Project) at a Glance…

VERDICT: LEGIT, LEGIT, LEGIT as long as you stick with it and DON’T GIVE UP!

4 thoughts on “Completely Free Internet Marketing Training? – Free Internet Marketing Project Review

  1. Louise Barry-Taylor

    Oh wow, thank you for this review. I will definitely be having a look at FIMP but I must say, Wealthy Affiliate is my happy place!
    Thank you for sharing your experience to help aspiring online marketers get their businesses up and running profitably.

    1. Mike Post author

      Thank you! You should definitely check out FIMP. However, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely my top choice as well, simply for all the tools and the community. It is just a really great value. Hopefully, we can help a lot of people that need help starting over in the future.

  2. Nazmun Nahar

    Thanks for sharing with us this review.Very clear and easy to understand for those whoever are looking to start online business opportunity.I absolutly agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best option for them.But I will check out FIMP as well.


    1. Mike Post author

      Thank you for your kind review! Wealthy Affiliate is the best option for starting an online business for sure! However, FIMP is great and has some much more in-depth training. I find the niche training to be extremely helpful.


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