How To Start Over With Nothing? Is That Possible?

This is going to be a bit of an unusual and short blog post here for us at Starting Over today. That is because all I want to do today is find out from you, my readers, what you are looking for. This way I can be more specific in the information that I present to you.

We Need Your Help

So I am asking you for your help, in order to help you and people like you. It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself divorced, in a new town, with no real job. I found myself asking how to start over in life. I hopped on my computer and typed in things like ‘how to start over with nothing’.

When I look online for topics in this area, most of what I see is search terms such as ‘how to start over with no money’.

One question that I often hear and see asked online is ‘how to start a business with no money’. I can honestly tell you that there is no answer to the question, ‘How to start a business with no money.’ The closest I have found is a company called Wealthy Affiliate and FIMP. You can check out my reviews by clicking the links.

Obviously, those are important and great questions, especially if they can be answered properly. I just feel that there is more to it and that no matter the answer it will involve a lot of work. Hard work. Nothing in life worth having is ever really easy. So to make things easier, I just need a little input from you and I’m all ears!

Find Resources, Find Yourself!

It is my opinion, from experience, that the basis of being able to start over in life, we must first focus on two things.

The first is, of course, ourselves. Changing, improving, or even finding ourselves. The second, and not necessarily in that order, is the financial focus. Without a good financial start or focus of reaching financial success, we can either never achieve the life that we dream of or struggle to find the time we need in order to focus on the things that are most important to us.

What are you searching for? Maybe some of you are and maybe some of you are not, but hypothetically, if you were starting your life over from scratch with nothing or very little, what would you find yourself looking for? What would you want to research? For some of you, what ARE you looking for and researching?

Share Your Valuable Experience!

Some of you may have been in this situation before and may have some great input and experience. What did you find helped you the most? What do you think, in hindsight, would have helped you?

Would you mind telling us what topics you think would be helpful to the rest of us? If you don’t mind, tell me in the comments section below and I will do the research and put together some helpful resources that could potentially and hopefully help a lot of people who need it.

Thank you for your help!

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